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Character Sheet Template:

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Character Sheet Template: Empty Character Sheet Template:

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:38 pm

Please remember that you are given an entire thread for your character on the forum for your own convenience. Character progress, growth and development are all able to be charted as additional posts on your character threads. For example, your character can start off basic. But once it makes an enemy, you can put that into the thread as a character development. If it obtains a new weapon, or a new piece of armor. If it learns a new skill, develops it's power somehow. But mos importantly, any progress you deem notable.

Character Intro:

Previous Aliases or names:

Character Vitals:

Physiology type [Superhuman ((Demons, Certain High Elves, Certain Aliens, Superhumans)), Human ((Unadvanced humans, physiology-specific characters that depend on strengths or the lack-there-of)... Please note that Physiology is the baseline of endurance, strength, and speed of your character:

Character Appearance:

Skin color:
Notable marks [Tattoos, Cultural paints, etc]:
Notable scars [Combat wounds and such]:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Stature and Gait [How the character walks, talks, and presents itself. For example, your character could walk with a slouch, talk like an old sage, and have to use a walking cane]:

Character Apparel:

Top [Shirt, Blouse, Vest, etc]:
Bottom [Pants, kilt, shorts, sweats, etc]:
Any other accessories:

Character Weapons (if any):

List all of your character's weapons below, specify if they have any abilities or hidden capabilities, the source of energy for these things (if not your character). [Please be aware of the fact that weapons draw power from somewhere, either your character or a limited enchantment within it that will eventually run thin. It cannot just produce a heat or lightning continuously forever. God-weapons, Angelic-weapons, and OP weapons are strictly prohibited.

Weapon 1:

Weapon 2:

Weapon 3:

Character Powers [Limited to One Main Power]:

Here, your character's power must be listed. You do not have to list every possible technique, or everything this power can do, but you are required to demonstrate a slight amount of knowledge of this power.

Character Abilities [Limited Three]:

Please note that if your character has superhuman physiology, it already has extra strength, speed, and advanced healing/endurance. If you would like to add an ability, you must remove one of those three natural abilities from your character's superhuman physiology. For example, your character could have the speed and healing/endurance of superhuman physiology, but not the strength.

Abilities include: Extra Strength, Speed, Intelligence, even advanced proficiency in your power. If your power is telekinesis, one of your abilities could be enhanced telekinetic infusion to your character; concentrating it's energy on making your character significantly faster and stronger [safely].

BRIEF Character History:

We do not want a novel about your character, a short paragraph explaining how you intend to impliment your character into it's decided faction is enough. [i.e., How it got to Cremoura or Vinditus and why.][/u]


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