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What is Tier 1?

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What is Tier 1? Empty What is Tier 1?

Post by Iso on Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:09 pm


Roleplay (RP) comes in many shapes, styles, and fashions. From live action role play (LARP), to dungeons and dragons (D&D), to forum and text-based roleplay.

RP in forums and certain platforms such as IMVU, AOL, and other clients, will typically use a Tier system from Tier 1, to Tier 5. You'll see this frequently as (T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4, T-5), each with their own designated style and standards. Tier 1 (T1) is typically referred to as the paragraph role-play, or multi-paragraph depending on expected standards.

"What's the difference between T-1, T-0 (Novella), and Paragraph or Multi-paragraph RP?"

In order to answer this, you must first be aware that RP in general is variable. It is dynamic and its preferred standards and settings are based on the company in which it is being utilized. For example, one RP (group) could prefer multi-paragraph T1, where you are expected to write more than one paragraph in one post (a paragraph being 5 or more sentences). This type of RP is typically carried out on forums, but is also seen in client-based roleplays that could be found on IMVU. OR you may encounter a RP (group) that would like for you to only type one paragraph of five or more sentences. Or a group that just wants you to write all posts with the minimum of x amount of words. The list goes on. Case in point; be flexible and find roleplayers that you fit in with and get along with.

"That's cool, but what is Novella??"

Novella is a rather 'new' standard and setting of role-play. Some people call it Tier 0, or T0. It is much like T1 in many ways. However, the standards of writing and posting quality are much higher. Here's the definition of Novel to help you understand.

Novel- ":a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism"

Basically, like in T1, you are trying to provide intimate details about character action, thoughts, and experience. However you are doing this in a writing style meant to be more appealing to audience than just statistics and basic details that one might find in undeveloped T1 roleplays.  

Basically, Novella is for writers who like to bring art to text-based roleplay.

"Does being able to do Novella make me better than other roleplayers?"

No, supremacist, calm down. Being capable of doing T0 does not make one a better roleplayer than a T1 user. It may make you a better writer, but it requires much more patience and that is not as much fun for everyday roleplayers.

To reiterate, it is important to understand that RP is dynamic. It is diverse. Not everyone likes writing paragraphs, and not everyone loves telling vivid stories. You cannot judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree.

"What if the roleplay group I just visited wants me to write only one paragraph and I am used to writing several?"

Tough luck, buttercup. It is important to find people who fit YOUR writing preferences and roleplay preferences. Trying to force your posts on a group of roleplayers is only going to look poorly on you. It does not make you look better. There are several other groups out there that would rather you type as much as you want, so do not force it on those who do not appreciate or want it.

"Is there more than one way to use T1?"

Yes! And they each have a tendency to argue with one another about 'which is the right way'! Don't get wrapped up in the fuss of which is right, and be prepared to engage in which is more fun for you. There are different kinds of T-1, too. Old school, Royal, Brackets, etc. Each has a different variation in the standard T1, small or large. If you don't like one, feel free to try another! Can't find one? Ask around.

The point is, T-1 is a massively variable type of roleplay. It involves lots of combat, and lots of story depending on where you are using it. So be prepared to see people who feel strongly that the way they RP is the 'only' way, it's common and there is no point in arguing about it.

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