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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Empty Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Post by Iso on Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:36 pm

I was told that there is only one true T1 RP standard, is that true?

- No, please remember that there are many generations of T1 roleplayers, and many preferred functions. Some roleplayers prefer to use a "Royal" format where you are not allowed to make spelling errors. Some prefer strict timed posting and required length. When you enter a roleplay or forum, and they tell you "this is the true standard of T1," you are not required to educate them, but I would personally avoid these roleplays. Because it is a sure sign of a lack of flexibility and comparability. Be prepared to see many "real way(s) to roleplay".

Is T1 just for combat roleplay?

- Absolutely not! Yes, arguably it was created for combat RP sessions (spars, death matches). But today it is commonly used for storyline roleplays and sessions. In the T1 introduction (which, if you have not already read, please go now), you are told to be flexible. You should expect that T1 is dynamic and diverse and not everyone enjoys combat RP. If anyone looks poorly by trying to force combat on someone, it is you.

Is T1 strictly paragraph-based?

-No! However, typing one or two sentences is not acceptable. You should be able to enter your character's perspective and express their inner desires and will. From a simple action to a deep conversation. Do not allow length to dictate your posting, because if you try to force excess length, your posting quality will plummet. Making you look poorly.

What is Godmodding?

Godmodding is where you manipulate your character into having god-like qualities, or being over powered. Godmodding is sometimes referred to in RP as another word for "rule breaking". It is important to remember the diversity in RP in regard to Godmodding. Some roleplays prefer a high level of power and strength. While others prefer a little more down to earth limitations.

How to avoid Godmodding?

Simple! Get to know your environment. If the people you roleplay with are generally on the weaker end of powered roleplay, join them on the weaker end! If they are on the powerful end, where they break mountains with punches, join them! While it isn't my place to judge, I would like it noted that as a roleplayer, I personally prefer to avoid roleplays where heavily powered characters that have 'diamond bones' and 'diamond armor' and that can 'level mountains with a punch,' or even 'move at supersonic speeds'. I prefer to avoid these roleplays because when these levels of powers become the norm, it is more difficult for story depth to be initiated and combat also becomes a game of 'who is stronger' rather than 'who is better'.


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